Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gaining Weight

When I first heard the hoopla about exchange students gaining weight, and about how Turkish student especially gain due to delicious, saliva-worthy, to kill for, to die for food, I scoffed. Oh yes, I really thought, 'that won't be me, I'll keep control of my senses'. How very little I knew myself. But then, I shall blame it on ignorance of the strength of my tempters- baklava, Turkish chocolate of all kinds, bread like heaven, oh on and on I could go... Focus. When this adventure first began I actually lost 6-7 pounds, needless to say, I have gained it all back. ALL of it, in about 6 days. Oh yes, that is a pound a day. And most of those days, I was fasting. I'm gonna be in for it. I thoroughly abhor blogging. I have 2 blogs, both with 2 posts, but my journal is filling up, though the entries be few and far between. I write a ton, what with scholarship stuff to add to this. Gah, I'm so scared of school. Two days. 2! I'm gonna die... I't's the last day of Bayram, and I saw zero cows getting their throats slit. I have no self control when it comes to food anymore, hopefully the first days of school I'll be too nervous to eat like a pig... eventually I'll get some anecdotes up, but till then, see ya!

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